[TehLUG-General] BTIP global start time, VOIP loopback

john_re john_re at fastmail.us
Sat Mar 7 15:11:35 IRST 2009

Some quick timing notes:

BTIP starts Saturday March 7 10A PST = GMT -8H

EX: For a place at + 3.5 GMT,
BTIP starts at 10A PST Saturday, +8H + 3.5H
 =  10 A +11.5H = 9:30 PM Saturday

During the first hour, we will be doing local setup, & sometime that
hour plan to get on both IRC & then start the VOIP conference.

Details for the IRC channel & VOIP contact # are at

VOIP-Ekiga - Get your own VOIP client working
    Ekiga - do a loopback test with mic & headset

sip:500 at ekiga.net           loopback test # for Ekiga.net
sip:501 at ekiga.net           public conference room
sip:5012345 at ekiga.net       BTIP voip conf #

Do a VOIP loopback test at ekiga.net - see the above page for the
loobback #.  Let us know if you have any error, & what the error is.

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